John Hughes

The “John Hughes” movies; not everything he touched, just the ones that are really his vision…


Now Very Bantha...Star Wars Saga

The greatest film series of all time (according to this guy) – just the theatrical films here. Check the series Star Wars: Everything Else for, well…


Now Very Bat...75 years of Batman

Batman turned 75 years old in 2014. At that time we rebranded the site for one week to Now Very Bat… focusing on the blockbusters, the smaller films, the comics and the video games that feature the Dark Knight.


Now Very Battlefront... Star Wars: Everything Else

Everything SW except the theatrically released films themselves. Check the series Star Wars Saga for those…


Now Very Beholder: Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons turned 40 years old in 2014. In recognition, we rebranded our site for one week to Now Very Beholder… focusing just on the films that star or in some way revolve around D&D. That time has passed, but our 20-sided dice are still rolling…


Now Very Bond, James Bond

The films of England’s greatest spy…